Duke Innovation Studio: Spring ’21 Cohort Demo Day

Duke Innovation Studio is a student-run accelerator supporting aspiring student founders and cultivating entrepreneurial talent among Blue Devils. We offer founders the engineering talent, professional mentorship, and structured programming to bring their idea from inception to reality. We match founders with passionate engineers and product managers, find the right mentors to guide their journey, and provide programming to develop their entrepreneurial toolkit in order to foster innovation within our Duke community.

Demo Day

Duke Innovation Studio: Spring 2021 Cohort

Midpoint GBM

Duke Innovation Studio Midpoint GBM

Rev Curriculum

  • Learn the fundamentals of scaling a startup
  • Generate meaningful product and sales traction
  • Grow their network of fellow innovators, mentors, and strategic partners
  • Learn how to fundraise, accessing investor portal with 1000+ early-stage investors




Duke ’23 | Engineering | Data Science

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